At the beginning of 2014, the Good Smile Company in Japan and Koto International, LLC in the United States joined together and proudly announced the birth of Ultra Tokyo Connection (UTC). UTC's principal office is located in Irvine, California.


The primary mission of UTC is to meet the growing demand for high-quality hobby and toy products from Japanese manufacturers. In the recent years, these so-called “Otaku Goods” have become highly sought-after in North America, not only among core collectors but also by general consumers. These items are now widely recognized for their fascinating artistic and stylish designs, along with their unique content and narrative.

UTC’s focus is not only on distribution of these high-quality Japanese goods, but also on the general promotion of the “Otaku Culture” in the North American market. With an excellent customer service capability, and utilization of a global network of instantaneous information sharing, UTC is able to react quickly to fluctuations in the market to best serve customers and their needs. Inquiries regarding UTC can be sent to [email protected].


Good Smile Company (GSC)

Good Smile Company (Tokyo, Japan) is a manufacturer and distributer of Japanese hobby, toy, and collectable products, such as the Nendoroid and Figma figures, along with scale models, figures, and statues. In addition to production and manufacturing, GSC is actively involved in design, marketing, and new media ventures. Its products are predominately based on popular anime, manga, or games, although the company has also created products in other arenas such as the voice synthesizer software Vocaloid, and the Touhou Project game series. GSC’s associated companies include Max Factory, Phat! Company, Good Smile Racing, Good Smile Logistics and Solutions, HiTUBE, and Ultra Super Pictures (US).

Founder: Takanori Aki.